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    NEMA 4/12 Markem SmartLase™ Ethernet Interface Enclosure


    As part of our complete system integration services, we often provide the necessary control system hardware to complete an automation process.  Our strong vendor relationships allow us to negotiate competitive prices and favorable terms.  We typically design the electrical enclosures and provide all the necessary control system components to a local panel builder for the assembly of custom control panels.   

    While we are not a hardware distributor, we do offer several device interface enclosures for network connectivity to non-Ethernet enabled devices.  These interface panels are offered in several standard models as well as custom configurations to suit your application. 

    Ethernet communications interface enclosure for Markem SmartLase™ printers.  This unit combines a single point for connecting your printers to your Ethernet LAN. 

    Key Benefits

    • Serial to Ethernet server for printer communications
    • Convenience port for network access and programming
    • Industrial grade components for factory floor environment 
    • Isolated circuits for device protection
    • Secure AC power connections for both printer and fume collection system
    • UL-508 Listed
    • Custom options available


    Description SKU # Price (US$)
    Single SmartLase ACSS-MKSL-01 $1,500
    Dual SmartLase ACSS-MKSL-02 $1,900
    Washdown (NEMA 4X)

    Single SmartLase

    ACSS-MKSL4X-01 $1,800
    Washdown (NEMA 4X)

    Dual SmartLase

    ACSS-MKSL4X-02 $2,400
    Single 5000 Series ACSS-MK5K-01 $1,500
    Dual 5000 Series ACSS-MK5K-02 $1,900
    Washdown (NEMA 4X)

    Single 5000 Series

    ACSS-MK5K4X-01 $1,800
    Washdown (NEMA 4X)

    Dual 5000 Series

    ACSS-MK5K4X-02 $2,400
    last updated: 03 Sep 2008

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